Lumitherm is constructed of interlocking, inflatable pipes. When inflated they form a completely closed wall.The material is a translucent plastic which allows a lot of light through. The pipes are inflated by a fan that uses no more power than a light bulb. A thermostat or an automatic control with a weather station controls the system and sets the area of the ventilation gap.


  • A bright barn without being blinded by the sun: pleasant for you as well as for your cows.
  • Optimal ventilation and protection against heavy weather conditions.
  • A closed side wall that will keep out the extreme cold.
  • The wind cannot get hold of the system and it will therefore not flap.
  • Provides very good sound insulation.


Cow Curtain

The Cow Curtain is a robust ventilation system with a favourable price/quality ratio. It can be operated either manually or automatically. Available in the colours green, grey or translucent.