Cow Brush

The Cow Brush ensures that the cows are cleaned over their whole bodies. This gets rid of parasites and cows suffer less itching and skin rashes. In addition to cleaning, the cow brush massages the skin which leads to better blood flow and therefore a more active metabolism. This results in a higher milk production and an increase of cows in heat.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring makes the animals feel safe and gives them more traction, resulting in less stress on their hooves. This results in better hoof health and more flexible joints. In addition, real-life use has shown that cows come to the feed bunk more often which considerably increases feed intake.

Sand Sawdust Thrower

Using the sand and sawdust thrower, you can sprinkle your free stalls in an instant. The sand thrower and the sawdust thrower ensure that no less than 70% of the sand or sawdust goes in the front of the free stall. The rest falls as a thin layer of the rest of the free stall. The throwers are hydraulically driven and can spread on two sides. The sawdust thrower is available in a 1.7m3 model and a 2.7m3 model. The sand thrower has a volume of 0.9m3 and can be fitted with a Beaterkit, if you use sand that contains many hard lumps. This Beaterkit will give you an attractive loose layer of sand without lumps.