Self Locking Fences

The De Boer self locking feed fence is by far the best aesthetically designed feed fence on the market. it has got the operating mechanism inside the top rail, which makes operating it a lot safer and easier for the personnel who work with them. Unlike the standard models of feed fences , catching fingers and hands whilst releasing individual cows is not an issue. This feed fence is also the quietest on the market by the use of sound absorbing rubbers. A loose plastic tube inside the "catch bar" prevents cows form getting caught on their neck bands.


  • Smooth top rail with operating mechanism inside.
  • NEW, Twist & Lock model to retain individual cows in the fence whilst all others are being released.
  • Safe to operate for personnel.
  • No fingers or hands getting caught whilst releasing individual cows.
  • Less noise through use of sound absorbers.
  • Large opening for cows to get head in.
  • More confident cows.
  • Less bullying in self locking feed-fences.
  • Better feed intake.
  • Self locking feed fences are the best cow handling systems available.

Alberta Fences

Alberta moveable neck rail system.

Easy Food

The Easy Food is a double sided feed system. The feed is placed in the middle and either side slowly moves inwards, ensuring there is little waste. It's also possible to feed fresh grass. Through one press on the button the system moves into the directions of the blocks. A rubber floor mat prevents excrement from coming in contact with the feed. The Easy Food is also available with a self-closing or with a universal food barrier.