Brisket Pipes


Brisket pipes allow cows to comfortably lie in their cubicles, preventing them from moving too far forward and pushing their bedding out of the front. The brisket pipes are very durable and the round shape allows the cow to lie in comfort.

C-220 Cubicles



  • Functional, maximal cow comfort.
  • With comfort bend for additional guidance of the cow.
  • Solid holder, stability through 48 mm neck rail and front bar.
  • Minimum box length 220 cm, can be combined with every type of mattresses.
  • Nylon neck band optional.

Super Cow Comfort Cubicles


  • The Super comfort cubicle system is the most flexible cubicle system available..
  • Adjustable in height and in width.
  • Ideal for sand beds or where the lying surface could vary up or down.
  • Available in standard or high neck rail versions.
  • Easily adjustable for brisket pipes or boards.




Sand beds are probably the best cubicle beds you can have. However sand beds are also the most difficult beds to maintain and they are certainly the most expensive. The sand saver mat from De Boer housing Systems does reduce sand usage by about half.

  • Saves usage of sand by approximately 50%.
  • Cows are not able to flick the sand out of the cubicle bed with their front feet.
  • Less hollows as cows do not dig in.
  • As cows lie higher they will not roll underneath the cubicle divisions.
  • Straighter cows mean cleaner cows.
  • Less sand in the slurry means less wear and tear on machinery.