If cows are housed all year-round, the only surface they ever walk on is the surface YOU provide in the shed. It is a vital component of the shed, and will impact the health, fertility and milk yield of the cow.

The ECO floor is a flat floor, totally free from sharp edges. The surface is 50/50 rubber to concrete, providing maximum grip. This encourages a natural stride and natural behaviour by the cows.


  •    High activity due to perfect surface to walk on.
  •    Cows show 20% more activity than on normal concrete floors.
  •    Cows show much more natural behaviour.
  •    Higher feed intake and milk yield.
  •    increased fertility and fertility detection.
  •    Rubber inserts reduces damage to cow‘s feet and hooves considerably.
  •    50/50 rubber and concrete is ideal combination.
  •    The ECO floor can be supplied with an ammonia reducing seal under the rubber inserts.
  •    Average lactations increases by 6 months or more.
  •    Farms with ECO floor are showing a pay back time between 5 to 6 years.


Profiled Slats

Outperforming any other make of concrete slat, at a very competitive price.

  • Higher activity than on normal slats.
  • Less wear and tear on cow's hooves.
  • The profiling gives much better grip.
  • The profiling retains moisture, stopping dung drying out and becoming slippery.
  • Resulting in cleaner floors.


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