AgriLED Pro 32

Developed especially for dairy cattle and consequently being damp, ammonia and dust-resistant.  This second-generation LED fitting emits more than twice the amount of light produced by conventional fittings available in the market.

The AGRILED® pro 32 fitting comes with standard integrated red control lighting, to be used during stable inspection rounds in dark periods. Scientific research namely has demonstrated that dairy cattle hardly discern red light.

  •  32,500 lumen at 250 watts (130 lumen per watt)
  • Energy savings up to 60%
  • Standard integrated red LED light
  • Standard dimming option
  • Life > 60,000 burning hours (30 years on average)
  • 5-year guarantee on fittings
  • 24 metre spread of light

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High Pressure Sodium

Available in 250 watt (light output of 33,000 lumen/132 lumen per watt) and 400 watt (light output of 56,800 lumen/142 lumen per watt).  A cost-effective way of achieving the correct light level of 150-200 lux.

 A regime of 16 hours of light at a level of 150 to 200 lux followed by 8 hours of darkness produces the following results in dairy cows:
• Up to 15% more milk
• Improved fertility
• Better oestrus detection
• Shorter calving intervals
• Better disease detection



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Metal Halide

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