Ultimate cow comfort!

The DCC Waterbed offers ultimate cow comfort, without the hassles sand and green bedding can bring.  Waterbeds float the pressure points and move with the skin to protect hocks, knees and udders.  The convex shape means liquid runs of the back of the waterbed, ensuring a hygienic bed.  Unlike mattresses which compress and harden over time, the waterbed has the same level of comfort years down the line as they the day they were bought, the water will never compress.  On top of that, these beds need very little bedding and have a long lifespan.  Over a long-term, DCC Waterbeds workout to be a low-cost investment compared to sand beds, green bedding and mattresses.

The C-220 cubicle shown below,  offers the cow maximum lunging room with as little obstruction as possible.  The 160mm brisket pipe helps position the cow in the correct position.