Good quality dairy cow housing is more than just putting together a number of individual products. All of the individual products have to work together to provide the best cow housing system and we work with you to achieve this.

To create maximum cow comfort you will need to get 3 aspects right. The first is to ideally provide a lunging space free from obstructions, which means the cubicle beds need to be long enough. Secondly, if the cubicle beds are not long enough, cows will require a cubicle design that allows them side-ways lunging room. Thirdly, as a cow may lie down for 12 to 14 hours each day she needs a soft bed in order to relieve any pressure on her joints.

Cows also require lots of fresh air, ideally controlled and adjusted to the weather circumstances. Unfortunately, too many sheds are joined together, severely restricting fresh air flows. Obviously cows need plenty of fresh food and clean drinking water, which is generally a management issue, but with the right products you can maximise food and water intake. Lighting is often forgotten but it is important that the correct lighting levels are created

within the shed, which generally means 16 hours of high levels of light but almost as important are the 8 hours of full darkness. Too many sheds are not light enough during the day and have too much light at night. An issue we can’t get away from, and therefore one of the most important aspects in modern cow housing systems is the fact that the dairyman requires an efficient and easy cow handling system.

Our focus is two-fold, on the one-side we are looking to achieve the maximum from the cow housing environment and on the other side we are looking to help the dairyman optimise the number of cows he can look after efficiently. De Boer Housing Systems Ltd can advise and help you design any project you want to undertake. We can also supply and install all the equipment or work with your own teams of installers.